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This is the worst establishment and the worst haircut of my life. Despite telling "lex" that my last haircut was too short, and "not to cut the top at all", he butchered my hair, cutting it very short and did a crewcut. I was horrified when I saw myself in the mirror. Last week on She specifically said to hang on to my receipt, no problem. I have been coming to this hair cuttery for a good year. M's Ladonna has done my hair, l had a chemical foil done and it came out aweful and she had fixed it for me.

I had explained that l really wanted to let my hair go gray that l was done with dyeing my hair l really thought l had I, m a regular customer in this location, all my hair cuts and my son's hair cuts are done here, i was always happy with them being patient with my kid since i know it's harder with a child under 3 years old, so i always make sure to give a good tip. My haircut was done with electric clippers while standing up. I never sat in the chair.

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I got no shampoo, she cut my hair dry, with an uneven part that made my hair turn out uneven and choppy. One side is noticble shorter than the other. It took less than 4 minutes.

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I thought maybe she wa On February 28th about am I went to check in on line; first thing then when I got to the Salon I was told I wasn't checked in; that it must have been the other location. I know where I checked in first of all I put the zip code in and selected the correct location I wanted. I went to hair Cuttery on Wednesday January 23 I seen Lynda we both said cut my hair to shoulder length will she didn't it was cut above my neck plus it look like she cut straight across I can't style my hair also when she did my eyebrows she didn't finish my right side of my eye I made an appointment for a root touchup; which I have done before at this location.

Sherman Street, Evanston, December 28th I had researched prices; Hair Cuttery is reasonable. The technician informed me as she was working that the back The Hair Cuttery on 75th ST. Suite Woodridge Did a wonderful job on my hair. The hair cuttery on 63rd ST. The person you have answering the phone I am currently unable to I am the grandmother of a 4year old adorable African American child who has beautiful thick hair. When I called Hair Cuttery to inquire about services for a shampoo, regular condition, and blow dry explaining the texture hair my granddaughter had I was told that the price would be There is a man his name is Robert he works at the Aramingo Ave Hair Cuttery, nice man but does not listen to what you want done for your hair.

He talks your ear off when I want to I entered the hair cuttery with my grand-daughter seeking service for a wash and blow dry using a coupon that stated I could receive a wash, blow dry and hair cut.

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I did not want the hair cut but I was told by a stylist that assisted me at the counter that I would have to pay an additional In Dec. I asked a woman at the location to lighten my hair from a dark purple to light brown. She used two rounds of color remover and a brown dye.


She burnt my scalp so bad that I was scanning for months and the job she did left a permanent red dot in the back of my hair. I tried to I had a red for which was fading and wanted my hair to be dark Brown, all one color again. I had Adriana who took forever, and in the mean time took other customers while supposedly doing my hair. The color we agreed on was a There was no wait and Dorothy was the stylist I received. Customer ID [protected]. I requested a shampoo and cut.

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I explained to Dorothy that the last time I had my hair cut, the stylist Went to see dena decided I wanted to go toward natural color with blonde highlights she put red in my hair didnt really like it so when I went back told her I wanted highlights because I like blonde and reinterated that I did not want any red in my hair.

She put red in my hair again. I have been a loyal customer for a couple of years now ever since the store opened in my area and I am furious that I keep receiving emailed coupons that I cannot use. I visited the Hair Cuttery in Lake in the Hills. I dealt with an employee named Kim I think she may have been a manager or something.

Well, I needed to restock on my miracle 10 products. I saw a new product, I hadn't seen before, called Potion It seemed like it would fit my need I feel as though I was over charged when I took my daughter to the hair cuttery. She's only 9 yrs. Old with very soft thin hair. They told me because of hee texture they had to charge more.


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She does not have a thick texture of hair it's a little curly but soft and I was told by the hair We had an appointment to take mother's day pictures Saturday morning. I wanted to get my hair trimmed due to split ends , shampoo and blow dried. For my daughter who's Through the numerous programs supported by Lady Jane's, we hope to make a positive impact on those who are less fortunate and those who need extra funding to run their community based programs. Apply Now! Find a Lady Jane's Near You. Explore Our Services.

There's a Lady Jane's near you! Find your Location below. Sorry, no locations were found within 25 miles. Read More About Us. Precision Haircut. This is our bread and butter, the reason every guy that steps through our doors, comes back". Invigorating Shampoo. A dollar is a steal for an invigorating LJ shampoo, seeing as how every guy that gets one says it's the best part of the whole LJ experience.

Beautiful Hair comes from a healthy scalp, which is why our hair and scalp treatment is a vital part of achieving the look you desire.

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  4. Our scalp treatment goes above and beyond any other to ensure that your hair is getting not only the treatment that it needs, but also the treatment it deserves. This 10 minute shampoo chair oasis comes equipped with a scalp and neck massage, hot towel to cover your face, and the cool wash off with our Bedhead clean up peppermint conditioner. That's why we have color-specific stylist training to make sure that the color a guy asks for is the color he gets". Facial Hair Trim.

    Even the manliest of beards needs to be groomed to perfection. Our talented stylists can trim the grizzliest of beards into pure perfection! A well-manicured beard also needs some TLC. We offer the highest end products to moisturize and treat your beard. LJ will ensure you look and feel like a man amongst men, a czar of zest and a mighty symbol of all that is pure and righteous. Hot Lather Neck Shave. One of the most popular items we offer; the Hot Lather Neck Shave. Enjoy the precision and feel of having your neckline cleaned up using our custom blend of hot lather, and a razor for that extra special attention to detail!

    It will make you a man of men, the Czar of Zest, a mighty symbol of all that is clean, pure, and righteous! Lisa, our new Lady Jane's girl for , is the type of person that promotes what LJ is truly about. She is fun loving, easy going, sports oriented, and an all around great person.

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    Not only has Lisa grown with Lady Jane's exponentially, but has embodied the LJ spirit, and assisted in opening multiple salons in several brand new markets. We expect her to continue to develop and be a perennial all-star! Hopefully she'll make good on the promising start she's had to her LJ career and head to the Hall of Fame!