Deals Gap/Killboy Action shot!

Our designs are a USphotos. Go ahead… we encourage you to check out the other Dragon photographers and you will see the difference. See the Testimonials page for comments concerning our high quality Dragon photos. Our Dragon Photographers use only the best Canon gear to produce the highest quality Dragon photos available. Even passed a bunch of R1's and 10r's. That was actually the maiden voyage on the new motor see siggy. Just broke in. It's dang quick.

I'm happy with it.

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If you passed an R1 in your car that rider should be smacked and beaten and his bike should be given to me. I'm not taking anything away from you, but that's just silly. That is so cool. I am going there for a vacation someday. For advertising information click HERE. Contact Us Archive Top. All times are GMT The time now is PM. All rights reserved. Digital Point modules: Sphinx-based search. Personally, I enjoy getting up around am, getting breakfast at the resort There's nothing like being the first person out there in the morning.

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Fantastic, fantastic post. It should apply to all of spirited street riding.

Killboy should be sued. - Tail of the Dragon

Shmoo is offline. Total Awards : 1. So basically - slow the F down! Although motorcyclists bang on about being hit by cars a lot and it is valid we are also responsible for a lot of our own spills which are totally avoidable. A prime example in your photos of some crap riding! I wonder just where the heck that big Harley is going sitting out there! AllanB is offline.

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Be aware of where YOU are, not just your tires. Great write up, and a good reminder for everyone. I'll see if youtube comes up in the near future, if it does I'll post the video of my dumbassery in the area last week. I touched the wrong white line with my front tire. I was traveling between the cherohala skyway and the tail of the dragon on still and came around a corner at probably mph error 1 above the speed limit only to see a large patch of gravel covering my side of the road.

Instead of riding through it, I rode around it. Had there been oncoming traffic, I would have been 86ed. Watch out for t-rex'es. They seem to be the most aggressive drivers on the gap. I may have had bad luck, as it seemed they were having a gathering the week I was there. Great post! Originally Posted by curiousmike View Post. That's all you really needed to say. Just gonna place this right Artic when are you guys going down to the gap??? Bama is offline.

SuperHawks Slay The Dragon / Deals Gap 2019

Originally Posted by Shmoo View Post. Saki GT.

Deals Gap trip - I made the front page of!

Just to add to the convo When you see the photographers, this is not the time to go "all out" and strut for the camera - slow down, focus on form, and get more photos taken of you , you don't want to be an example photo for others. Also, I've never been up there and not seen a bike off - too many cowboys on unfamiliar territory. Remember, after every blind turn will be another blind turn, so remember what you're getting into. Killboy himself was just run off the road by some woman in a Mini crossing the double yellow in the middle of a blind corner, and his wife was run off last winter by a semi.

Always need to stay alert, especially when you're on a road with so many others looking to push the limits.

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  • Deals Gap/Killboy Action shot!.
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Saki GT is offline. Total Awards : 3.

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That last pic of the guy hitting the black Honda, caught my eye and made me LOL, his foot makes it look like he done pooped his pants real good!!!! Total Awards : 2.

FlyCatcher is offline. Pvster is offline. Please don't ride like this. There are locals that will pass you on the road, and doing crap like this will get you both hurt. At you can see me dancing next to "The Green Meanie".